Community Park Trail Connection at O'Connor


This project was created to change the habits of trail users when they are using Community Park Trail and approaching the sidewalk at O’Connor Drive. Instead of the mid-block crossing, trail users will need to make a decision to go right towards HEB or left towards the new protected signal at Tonkinese & O’Connor before they approach the sidewalk. The new signalized pedestrian crossing has created a safer way to use the trail or use the sidewalks.


Additional Details:

At the request of the District, Williamson County has been evaluating road safety issues in the District for the past several years. Some recent changes include stop sign warnings on Great Oaks at O'Connor. That intersection is also being evaluated for a stop light. In 2015, the District asked the County to come up with a solution for the mid-block crosswalk on O'Connor at the Community Park trail. With the opening of the connection of O'Connor to 45, the traffic appears to have increased in volume and speed.


After several years of evaluation, the County has removed signalized, mid-block crossing to the intersection of Tonkinese and Brienne. Overhead flashing lights have been installed and are activated by the person who wishes to cross. The District engaged with an engineer to develop specifications for the removal and modification of the trails that approach the current crosswalk.


From the Community Center approach, the trail will be split to push pedestrians either toward the apartments or toward Tonkinese/Brienne. On the Disc Golf Course approach, the trail section parallel to the sidewalk will be eliminated. The District will also install signs encouraging trail pedestrians to use the Tonkinese/Brienne crosswalk.


The County progressed at a quicker rate than had been anticipated as staff was reviewing the engineer's plans. Staff presented the engineer's two options for the Board for consideration. Included with that recommendation was the use of District staff to complete the project to attend to completing the project sooner than later. The Board accepted that change and staff put together a plan for completion.


The BCMUD Park Maintenance staff’s project plan was originally scheduled to be complete by the last week in June. Rain in June created a slight delay in the project which the whole project has now been completed as of July 18. 2018.


Crushed granite material was being installed during the week of June 25. At the center of the "Y" is a plant bed with flowers and other drought tolerant materials, re-use of existing rocks and addition of directional signage to assist trail users.


As of July 18, 2018 the project is complete.


Project Photos