Freaky Friday (4th & 5th Grade Party)

Friday, October 26, 2018
From: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
At Brushy creek community center

All 4th & 5th Graders should head over to the Brushy Creek Community Center on the 26th for their very own Halloween Party!  A Costume contest, music, dancing, food and more will all await them! Grab your friends and we will see you there, if you aren’t too afraid!

Fees: $6 member; $8 resident; and $12 non-resident.
Advance registration is required. Space is limited! 

Brushy Creek 4th & 5th Grade Party Parent Q&A

Q: When/Where is Freaky Friday?
A: Friday, October 26th from 5pm to 7pm at Brushy Creek Community Center. Programs staff will check them in using a checklist from our registration system. Your child does not need a parent to sign them in or out and they will not need a receipt to prove payment, though advanced registration is required.

Q: Who can come to Freaky Friday?
A: This is an event for any 4th & 5th graders. They do not have to go to a specific school to attend. 

Q: What should my child wear?
A: As this is a Halloween event, we encourage attendees to wear Halloween Costumes. These costumes must be appropriate for a 4th & 5th grade party which means no exposed midriffs or bathing suits. There will be a costume contest. However, costumes are not required to attend.

Q: What food will be served?
A: There will be sodas, cookies, chips, pizza  and other snack-type foods. This means there will be plenty to eat, but not food to qualify as a meal. Dinner is not provided. It is all appetizer type food. Also, not all food is vegetarian friendly. We make sure to have options for vegetarians, but not everything will qualify. If your child has an allergy, please let the sign-in staff person know so that we can make any necessary accommodations.

Q: Can they register at the door?
A: We do not recommend that due to the popularity of these events. We only have 150 spaces available, and once they are filled anyone else will be turned away, no exceptions. We cannot guarantee there will be any availability, so the earlier you can register, the better, especially for the Halloween party! Don't wait!

To register in advance you can register online, call Customer Service at (512)255-7871 x 2 and register over the phone, or you can visit the Community Center between 7am and 7pm Mon-Fri or 10am to 4pm Sat. to register with Customer Service in person.

Q: What activities will be going on?
A: There will be food, music, dancing, and activities.

Q: Are parents allowed? Do you need volunteers/chaperones? How old are the chaperones?
A: We request that parents do not enter the event until it is over to pick up their children. There will be 10 counselors at this event serving as chaperones which maintains a 1 to 15 ratio. This is the state mandated ratio for this age group. All counselors are at least 16 years old and are the same counselors that work with our day camp and afterschool program.

Register Today!

  • Online
  • Over the Phone with Brushy Creek Community Center Customer Service
    at (512) 255-7871 x1
  • In person at the Community Center
    16318 Great Oaks Drive, Round Rock

For any questions contact Farren Curtis at or (512)255-7871 x 218

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