Hairy Man Festival Schedule of Events

Performance Stage:

11:00am - Opening Ceremonies & National Anthem
11:10am - 11:35am - Cedar Valley Middle School Band
11:40am - 12:15pm - Capital Gymnastics Show Team Performances
12:30pm - 1:00pm - Student Band: Midnight Butterfly
  1:00pm -  Live Band: Texas Tide
  2:00pm -  Live Band: Lix Box
  3:00pm -  Live Band: Dysfunkshun Junkshun
  4:30pm -  Costume Contest
  4:40pm-   Legend of  Hairy Man-Gwen King
  5:00pm -  Hairiest Man Contest
  6:00pm -  Event Ends

Contest Area:

12:00pm - Chili Tasting Contest

Please check back for the most updated schedule.

* Schedule subject to change.


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