Stage 3 Conservation Schedule

In the event of Stage 3 Conservation Conditions, the following Demand Management Response Measures shall be taken in an effort to achieve an additional ten percent (10%) reduction in daily water demand:

a)  The Demand Management Response Measures established for Stage 2 Conservation Conditions shall continue to be implemented except as modified or extended below. 
b) Residential Users shall limit landscape irrigation use to not more than one time per week in accordance with the following mandatory watering schedule:  

Last numerical digit of
residential street address:


Authorized watering day:

0, 9 Monday

1, 8, Commercial Users


2, 7   Wednesday
3, 6, Medians    Thursday
4, 5    Friday

Watering on Saturday or Sunday is prohibited.  

c)  Commercial, municipal and all other non-residential Users may use irrigation on Tuesdays only and only during authorized hours. 
d)  Median irrigation is authorized on Thursdays only and only during authorized hours. 
e)  All non-essential water use shall be prohibited except hand watering with a hand held hose shall be permitted between 5:00 am and 10:00 am and between 7:00 pm and 10 pm on any day.
f)  All water use for construction, dust control and/or compaction is prohibited except where reclaimed or raw water is used.  
g)  Use of water to wash any motor vehicle, motorcycle, boat, trailer, airplane, or other vehicle except where reclaimed or raw water is used. 
h)  The Board of the District may prohibit water use by certain industrial or commercial users which uses are not essential to the health and safety of the community so that remaining water is available for essential health and safety purposes.  
i)  The installation of new landscaping plants and turf grass is prohibited. 


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