The District contracts with Round Rock Refuse to provide single stream recycling service.  If you are not currently recycling, please complete a Solid Waste/Recycling Request form to request a recycling cart. 

What is the cost for recycling service?

  • Standard Service of 1 - 96 gallon garbage cart and 1 - 96 gallon recycle cart is $21 per month.
  • Each additional recycling cart is $5 per month.
  • Please use the Solid Waste/Recycle Request Form to request a change to your solid waste service. 


According to the Round Rock Refuse, in 2017, Brushy Creek Residents have Recycled the following tonnage:

Jan  Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
106.94  83.73 93.99   58.63  119.59  91.56  102.34 125.56       

                             Over 1110 tons were recycled by Brushy Creek residents in 2017!

What is my recycling pickup day?

Recycling is picked up every other week on your regular garbage collection day.  Please refer to the Round Rock Refuse web site for a calendar of recycling pickup dates and a map showing your neighborhood's pickup schedule. 

What items are recyclable?

Accepted recyclable items include rigid plastic containers #'s 1-7 in the recycle symbol on the container, glass bottles & jars, paperboard (cereal & shoe boxes), aluminum cans, steel cans, tin cans, food boxes, paper towel & toilet paper rolls, newsprint, colored flyers in the newspaper, white office paper, colored office paper, magazines, and all corrugated cardboard. Large amounts of cardboard should be bundled.

Items not accepted include Styrofoam, foil and aluminum tins, paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue, plastic bags, wet paper, paper plates, plastic utensils, and food boxes with a shiny lining (milk cartons, juice boxes).

What is contamination?

Contamination occurs when a recyclable item is made non-recyclable and can happen in several ways:

  • Food waste – wash containers. When a plastic tray from prepackaged meals/TV dinner is placed in the recycle cart with food still on it contamination happens which may affect whether or not the bin is recyclable at the recycling plant. Rinsing/washing recyclables keeps items recyclable, plus it keeps your recycle cart tidy.
  • Placing items in the bin that are Non Recyclables is contamination. Plastic bags are not recyclable in your recycle cart. They are recyclable if returned to the correct place (HEB and Wal-Mart accept them). When they are put in the recycle cart, they clog up the sorting equipment at the recycle plant. Please do not place items in the bin unless they are on the accepted list. 

Where can I find information about computer recycling?

The passage of a state law in 2008 requires computer manufacturers to recycle computers and related equipment.  The State of Texas maintains a list of manufacturers and details on how to recycle computer equipment.  Visit the web site for more information.