District Water Supply

The District's water supply is made up of two sources. The first, and the main, source is from Lake Georgetown. This is referred to as "surface water". The District can pump 4000 acre feet from Lake Georgetown per year. One acre foot of water equals 325,851 gallons. Our water conservation plan is based on the availability of water in Lake Georgetown. The majority of Lake Georgetown's water originates from Lake Stillhouse Dam in Belton. If either of these two water sources have a shortage or equipment failure it directly affects our water supply. 

Our second source is from wells. This is referred as "groundwater". The District currently has two wells. One well is capable of pumping 800 to 1000 gallons per minute (gpm). The second well is much smaller and can only pump a maximum of 250 gpm. The District is currently planning the development of a third well. This well will be able to provide 750 to 1000 gpm for the District.

It is the District's contention that these two sources will provide enough water to supply the District when built out and for many years.