Plumbing Permit Registration Form

Registration is required for all individuals and companies doing any type of plumbing work in the District.



Signature acknowledges that the Company has provided accurate and truthful documentation:


1. Your company must provide a Master Plumbers License from the TSBPE (Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners), or the minimum state required certifications for the work being permitted. All plumbing must comply with the current Uniform Plumbing Code and TCEQ regulations. Any health hazards found in existing plumbing must be repaired.

2. All applicants must provide a valid Texas Driver's license.

3. All companies registering must provide general liability insurance with the District as a certificate holder or a bond arranged. The liability shall be a minimum of $10.000.

4. Only the licensed individual may apply for and pick up permits unless a letter of designation is on file with the District.

5. Permits require a final inspection. Contractors hold responsibility to contact the District's inspector listed on the permit.

6. All residential and commercial construction requires a Certificate of Compliance from Williamson County. Contact the County at (512) 943-3620 to verify if you need to pull any permits to complete your permitting process.

7. No direct connection between the public drinking water supply and a potential source of contamination is allowed. Potential sources of contamination shall be isolated from the public water system by an air gap or an appropriate back flow prevention device.

NOTE: To ensure contamination of the public water does not occur, all back flow prevention devices must be tested upon installation and every 5 years thereafter. All back flow devices that are installed to protect against health hazards must be tested annually. This is to be done by a certified tester and a copy must be filed with Brushy Creek M.U.D. This testing will be at the homeowner's expense.

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