Irrigation System Agreement 

In order that Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District's system maintain adequate operating pressure during high water demand periods (peak periods), the operating of the irrigation system is limited by the standards set forth in the Drought Contingency Plan, except for maintenance and testing purposes. The operation of the irrigation system for maintenance and testing purposes shall not exceed 10 minutes per zone.

NOTE: To ensure contamination of the public water does not occur, all back flow prevention devices must be tested upon installation and every 5 years thereafter. All back flow devices that are installed to protect against health hazards must be tested annually. This is to be done by a certified tester and a copy must be filed with Brushy Creek M.U.D. This testing will be at the homeowner's expense.

This agreement shall be binding at all times to the owner of the property and to the owner's successors and assigns in the following property:

I have read the above and do hereby sign this agreement and agree to operate my irrigation system as directed. I understand that the usage of the system will be monitored by District personnel to ensure compliance with the above requirements. I understand I am required to have the back flow prevention device tested, at my expense, every five years and that a copy of the annual testing/certification must be filed with the District office.

I am aware that Brushy Creek MUD will not be responsible for any damage to irrigation systems installed in public utility easement areas (between the sidewalk and the curb).