Permit Application - Residential Irrigation - Home Owner Install 

Resident Information


1. All plumbing must comply with TCEQ regulations for home owner installations.

2. The tie-in and backflow inspection must be approved by the District's inspector. It is the home owner's responsibility to provide a copy of the backflow test to the District. The inspector's information can be found on the permit.

3. If the prepaid plumbing inspection fails, the above company will receive a bill for the re-inspections. Re-inspection fees are $65.00 each. All re-inspection fees are due 10 days after receiving bill.

4. A double check valve assembly with test ports and valve must be installed in a separate box in the ground near the water meter. An isolation valve must be installed between the tie in and the backflow prevention device.

5. As published by the manufacture, spacing between emission devices and water pressure must operate at the minimum and not to exceed the maximum sprinkler head pressure or distance.

6. Systems shall not spray water over surfaces made of concrete, asphalt, brick, wood, stone or any other impervious material such as walls, fences, etc.

7. Rain or moisture shut off devices must be installed if using an automatically controlled irrigation system. The sensor must be designed to inhibit operation during periods of moisture or rainfall. This device must be installed according to the manufacture's published recommendations.

NOTE: To ensure contamination of the public water does not occur, all back flow prevention devices must be tested upon installation and every 5 years thereafter. All backflow devices that are installed to protect against health hazards must be tested annually. This is to be done by a certified tester and a copy must be filed with Brushy Creek M.U.D. This testing will be at the home owner's expense.

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