Permit Application - Residential or Commercial Add-On
Commercial Build-Out

Resident Information

Plumber Information

*** If this is the company's first time doing work in the District, a PLUMBING PERMIT REGISTRATION FORM must be completed and turned in with this application.


1. All plumbing must comply with the current Uniform Plumbing Code and TCEQ regulations. Any health hazards found in existing plumbing must be repaired.

2. All inspections must be completed by the District's inspector listed on the permit.

3. If plumbing inspections exceed the standard five (5), the above company will be billed for the re-inspections. Re-inspection fees are $65.00 each. A certificate of occupancy will not be issued until all fees are paid.

4. All residential and commercial construction requires a Certificate of Compliance from Williamson County. Please contact the County at (512) 943-3620.

NOTE: To ensure contamination of the public water does not occur, all backflow prevention devices must be tested upon installation and every 5 years thereafter. All backflow devices that are installed to protect against health hazards must be tested annually. This is to be done by a certified tester and a copy must be filed with Brushy Creek M.U.D. This testing will be at the home owner's expense.

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