Connect or Disconnect Utility Services : Service Request Form

Water Service Request Form

Please use the form below for Water Utility Service.  Once you click the submit button below your request will be sent to the District's Customer Service Department and a Customer Service Representative will respond within one business day.

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    * Please note:  Transfer is to be used if you currently have service with BCMUD
       and are moving to another property within our service area.  
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*** Please Note:   Effective October 1, 2015, all new residents will be standard issued (1) 96-gallon waste cart and (1) 96-gallon recycle cart.  The cost of this mandatory service is $21 per month.  Additional carts, if needed, can be requested at the cost of $5 per cart per month.  ***  

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Please note:  Request made will be processed twenty four (24) hours after contact by BCMUD and payment (Deposit / Admin Fee) is made.  Service request can only be made Monday - Friday except for Holidays and extenuating circumstances.