Connect or Disconnect Utility Services : Service Request Form 2020

Water Service Request Form

Please use the form below to connect or disconnect Water Utility Service. Once you click the submit button below your request will be sent to the District's Customer Service Department and a Customer Service Representative will respond within one business day.

Standard is 1 solid waste cart and 1 recycle bin ($23.31)

If renting, please provide landlord's name and phone number.

PRIVACY ACT: The District is obligated under the Texas Open Records Act to give out personal and private information on customers (Such as name, address, telephone number, social security, etc.). Under the act, this information is accessible to salesman, bill collectors, disgruntled spouses, telephone solicitors, junk mail listing or anyone else that may want to know about you and your account.If you DO NOT want any information given out regarding you or your account, please initial below.


Standard 5/8" meter Deposit ($100)+ Admin Fee ($30) - $130

3/4” Meter Deposit ($150) + $30 Admin Fee ($30) - $180

Transfer Fee $30

Surcharges (Surcharges are stackable. E.G. if a customer sets up same-day service on a Saturday, a weekend fee of $60 would be added to the same-day service fee of $90 for a total of $150):

Same-day service surcharge - $90

Weekends or holidays between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. surcharge - $60

Afterhours 5 p.m.-8 a.m. surcharge - $60

PLEASE NOTE: Request made will be processed twenty four (24) hours after contact by BCMUD and payment (Deposit / Admin Fee) is made. Service request can only be made Monday - Friday except for Holidays and extenuating circumstances.

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