Solid Waste / Recycling Information : Yard Waste Recycling

Yard Waste Recycling

Large amounts of yard waste can be taken to the City of Round Rock's Deepwood Recycling Center:

     City of Round Rock Drop-Off Recycling Center
     310 Deepwood Drive
     Round Rock, TX 

The cost of the disposal is dependent on the amount and ranges from $15 to $40. 

Texas Disposal Systems will collect up to six (6) bags of yard waste along with your garbage. It is not recycled. For a list of items being recycled by Texas Disposal Systems please click here.

Williamson County residents can also drop off yard waste at:

     Williamson County Landfill
     600 Landfill Road
     Hutto, TX

The cost is approximately $6.25 per cubic yard.

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