Solid Waste / Recycling Information : Sewer Averaging Adjustment Form

Sewer Averaging Adjustment Form 

Please submit this online form if you experienced a water leak or filled a swimming pool (10,000 gallons or more) during November through February.

The rate you pay for wastewater (sewer) usage is based upon the monthly average in the winter months as designated by Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District. If you had a leak (homeowners side of meter), filled or refilled a pool (10,000 gallons or more) during the averaging winter months, please complete this form to have your monthly usage adjusted.

If leak repaired by Plumber, please list Plumber Company Name, Phone & Address below:

During sewer averaging period if a leak occurs, BCMUD may use your last year's usage during the same month.

Contact Brushy Creek MUD at (512) 255-7871 x1 or email with any questions.