District Projects : IN PROGRESS : Cat Hollow Pool Project

Cat Hollow Park Projects

The Parks Committee and the Board approved the project concepts for several projects for fiscal years 2018-2020. Staff brought forward Project Plans for the Cat Hollow Pool & Park Restrooms Expansion.

Based on previous input from the Parks Committee, the Cat Hollow restroom design had to be expanded slightly. The revised design includes added changing area and showers to the pool side restrooms. The park side restrooms expand from one stall each to four stalls each. There will be a metal door that separates the pool and park restrooms that can be opened for events in the park. An arbor has been added outside the park side restrooms covering a small concrete deck.


Cat Hollow Pool Restrooms will be renovated to provide (3) bathroom stalls for the public to access from the park playground with an arbor over the entrance. In addition, showers will be added to the current pool restrooms. Work will begin Monday, January 27 and during this time all restrooms connected to the pool building will be closed. Restrooms are still available for the public to use at the Cat Hollow Park Field Pavilion. Crepe Myrtle trees near the area will be relocated and replanted within the District. We anticipate this project being completed Summer 2020.


The Cat Hollow Park Sign located at the corner of O'Connor and Liberty Walk will be replaced with a NEW sign that incorporates the design of the 3 cats from the original Cat Hollow HOA signage. Work will begin in January 2020 and we anticipate this project being completed Summer 2020.