District Projects : IN PROGRESS : Community Park Parking Lot Turnaround Project


Location:  Community Park, 16318 Great Oaks Drive, Round Rock, TX  78681 (behind Sam Bass Fire Station)

Description: This project includes parking lot expansion, turnaround/drop-off area, reconfiguration of parking lot spaces, resurfacing, concrete curbing, concrete sidewalk, ADA ramp, light pole relocation, adding additional light fixtures to existing poles, and installing spare utility conduits. In addition, the east parking lot of the Community Center will be resealed and repainted. 

Impact to the Community during Construction:  Upon completion, additional parking spaces and increased safety will be realized by park users. 

Contractor: Fazzone Construction 

Project Timeline: Significant delays have taken place with this project in order to meet the specifications engineered for this project. A project timeline for completion is May 2022. 

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