Community Center : Recreation Pass Application (Swim, Tennis, Flex Fit)

Recreation Pass Application

Use for Pool Pass, Tennis Pass, and Flex Fit Pass

Please fill out the following form to register for a Pool Pass, Tennis Pass or Flex Fit Pass at the Brushy Creek Community Center.  Once you click the submit button below, your request will be sent to Customer Service who will contact you within one business day to collect payment information.

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   Annual Pool Pass:    Resident Non-Resident 
      Individual                 $30   $60
      Family   $100 $200
   Annual Tennis Pass:        
      Family   $25   $40   
   Flex Fit Pass:         $5 BCCC Member    $6 BCMUD Resident    $7 Non-Resident
      * No refunds will be issued for passes.
         Replacement cards are provided at a cost of $5.00 each

Release in use of District Facilities:

I agree to the Release in use of District Facilities and the Brushy Creek Park & Pool Rules:

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Customer Service will call you to obtain payment information.