Brushy Creek Parks : Memorial Programs & Pave-A-Path

Memorial Programs & Pave-A-Path

Every brick has a story to tell - become a path to the future and leave a legacy for future generations. Purchase a brick or paver to pave the way to our new Expansion Entrance! Contact Sue at  or (512) 255-7871 x203 if you have any questions.

A memorial marker to be placed next to the memorial tree, bench or fountain may also be ordered, if it is desired by the donor to mark the donation with an engraved brick at the memorial. Trees may be donated any time of the year, however they will only be planted during the tree planting season (late October through early March). Location of the tree is determined by the current memorial tree planting plan.

Trees supplied are all 30 gallons – approximately 2 inches in diameter and 10‐12 feet tall depending on species. Planting is done by District Parks Maintenance Staff. A planting ceremony can be provided during working hours (Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm) at no additional cost. Trees are planted with irrigation and are monitored and maintained by the District to insure their health. Trees are replaced if the tree fails due to damage or death. Trees are maintained in accordance with current District Park practices and standards.

For more information about the District’s Memorial Program, please contact Sue Retter at (512) 255‐7871 x 203 or via email at

Staff will email you receipt of purchase. Once you receive email, you can call to pay over the phone with a credit card or stop in to pay with cash or a check.