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Virtual Fitness Classes FAQ

  1. What does it cost to attend virtual fitness classes?
    • Brushy Creek provides virtual fitness classes as a FREE service to all families wanting to exercise from home. Beginning October 5, Zoom classes will only be available to members of the Brushy Creek Community Center. Non-members may utilize the flexible fitness pass and registration with the Customer Service is required. Classes are streamed live from the Community Center at regular class times via Zoom Video Communications.

  2. How do I get a Zoom account?
    • Go to and follow the step by step instructions. It's fast and easy! If you need assistance, call the Community Center Sports & Fitness Office at 512-255-7871 x225. 

  3. Do I have to download the Zoom app?
    • No, but it is highly recommended. You can use Zoom without downloading the app, but using the app makes it a more user-friendly experience.  Zoom has an app available for any device.

  4. How do I gain access to a virtual fitness class?
    • Once you have created an account, you will need to follow these steps
      • Open your Zoom App or Zoom Webpage
      • Sign In
      • Click “Join”
      • Type in the Meeting ID#:  This number is found on the Fitness Class Schedule next to the class you are interested in. 
      • Click the “Join”
      • passcode will be required for each class beginning October 5th
      • Video Preview:  Zoom gives you the option to join with video showing your face or a Zoom icon. 
      • Audio Pop Up:  Each time you log in it will prompt you to "Hear others, please join audio”. You will need to select “Call using internet Audio”. This will give Zoom access to your device. If you do not make this selection you will not be able to hear the instructor.

  5. How do I find the Meeting ID# associated with a specific fitness class?
    • The Meeting ID# is found at Next to each class there is a Zoom ID# listed next to it on the schedule. This is the ID# you enter on your device.
      • Note:  Once you have entered this ID# the first time, Zoom will save this class in your Queue. This way you don’t have to go back each time and find the ID#.

  6. Can I turn my video option off so others can’t see me working out?
    • Yes. You can block viewers from seeing you by choosing the Zoom icon instead of the video option on your end.

  7. Will the sound on my video be muted?
    • Initially when you log on, your sound will be on.  This provides an opportunity for members to socialize.  Once the class starts, the instructor will mute all viewers so you will only be able to hear the instructor.

  8. What if I accidentally end a session, can I rejoin?
    • Yes! If you accidentally close or click out, you can rejoin the same way you joined the class initially.

  9. Can I join the class after it has already started?
    • Yes! If you are running a few minutes behind or need to leave a few minutes early this will not impact the class. You will automatically be muted when you join in late so it will not disrupt the class.

  10. After I logged in, it told me “Host is not in the meeting yet?” Do I log back out and wait for them?
    • You have the capability to join the class prior to the instructor.  This allows you the ability to set up and be social with others.  The “Host” or instructor will pop up once they log in.  You will not have to exit out.