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Brushy Creek MUD Climbing Wall Rules

  1. All participants must have a waiver signed in order to climb. Children under 18 years old must have a waiver form signed by a parent/guardian in order to climb. If team member has any reason to believe that a parent or guardian has not legitimately signed a waiver, that child will not be allowed to climb. 

  2. All climbing is prohibited without District personnel being present.

  3. Climbers must have the harness checked by team member prior to climbing. A Brushy Creek team member will hook the harness to the carabineer.

  4. All children must be at least 6 years old to climb. If there is any question about a child’s age, they will not be allowed to climb.

  5. If a climber cannot safely fit into Brushy Creek’s harnesses, they will not be allowed to climb.

  6. No one is permitted to belay or tie themselves in to the wall.

  7. Climbing on the climbing wall without a rope is prohibited.

  8. No one is allowed to tighten, loosen or move holds on the climbing wall. Bolt holes and lead carabiner may not be used as holds.

  9. Closed toe shoes are required for climbing.

  10. To avoid possible injury while climbing, climbers must remove any items from their pockets, hanging jewelry, and hats that may get caught on holds or in belay system.

  11. Only climbers and Brushy Creek team members are allowed in "fall zone" (blue pads). All other participants must remain in the warm-up/observing area until it is your turn to climb. No items (cell phones, water bottles, etc.) may be on the blue pads.

  12. Anyone who behaves in a manner that can adversely affect their safety, the safety of other guests or team member at the Climbing Wall will not be allowed use of the Wall. This includes, but is not limited to, walking under an area where someone is climbing, using equipment improperly or without Brushy Creek team member permission, inappropriate language, distracting climbers or any refusal to obey rules. All situations are subject to team member discretion.