Brushy Creek Events : BBQ Cook-Off : Parking Options


Brushy Creek Backyard BBQ Cook-Off
Saturday, May 4

The District has arranged for additional parking in specific areas listed below. Please leave parking areas free of any litter. Read instructions carefully for free parking options. The Williamson County Sheriff's Department will issue tickets for improper parking violations.

Parking Areas Allowed:

  • Great Oaks Elementary School
  • St. Phillip's Church
  • Cedar Valley Middle School

Parking Areas NOT ALLOWED:

  • Sam Bass Fire Department
  • Skyline Shopping Center Back Parking Lot
  • Horizon Bay Senior Living Center
  • In front of any houses or driveways
  • On Great Oaks Drive
  • Round Rock Media Services
  • Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints

IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION:  Please respect all posted street signs as towing will be enforced.   

  • DO NOT park on fire lanes 
  • DO NOT park in front of hydrants
  • DO NOT park in grass areas
  • DO NOT loiter in these parking lots
  • DO NOT consume alcohol in parking lots
  • Any trash must be picked up
ROAD CLOSURES:  Dark Cove will be closed at the entrance to Great Oaks Dr. from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Only residents will be allowed to drive through barricades.

QUESTIONS:  Please contact  with any questions.