Facility Rentals : Cleaning Checklist

 Room Rental Cleaning Checklist

      AS A REMINDER:  
       * No Chairs or tables are to be used in hallway 
       * No Confetti 
       * No nails, tacks, staples, tape on walls 
       * Only Sticky Tac can be used on walls

To be eligible for a refund, all the following must be completed:

___ Stack chairs in groups of five in center of room

___ Stack chairs at pillars if renting Garden Pavilion or Garden Arbor 

___ Wipe down tables  

___ Wipe up any spills (If stains remain, charges will be deducted from cleaning deposit.  Ask Lobby Staff for stain remover if needed)    

___ Sweep/Mop floor and vacuum rugs (Please pick up large items BEFORE vacuuming - balloons, straws, etc.)

___ Remove all decorations (ceiling, walls, doors, etc.)

___ Pick up all trash

___ Trash taken out to dumpster on Recreation side of building 

___ Trash bags replaced  

___ Kitchen cleaned (including oven/stove top, if used) 

___ Sweep/Mop Kitchen Floor

___ All items used returned to Lobby Staff (including:  appliances, extension cords, sound system, or any borrowed items from Lobby Staff)

___ If Garden rental - Swept & picked up trash, no trash in Garden, etc.


*** We provide all cleaning supplies needed including vacuum.