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2/20/2021 - Tree Branch Disposal - Update 3/4/21


Dear Brushy Creek Community:

The Brushy Creek MUD recognizes that the winter storm event in February damaged many trees within our community.  As Williamson County has been declared a disaster area, and in support of The Brushy Creek Life, the District will assist customers with storm recovery efforts for removal of downed limbs and branches. 

We are working diligently to find a provider, to pick up cut limbs and branches directly at your property. While we do not have the specific dates at this time, this service will occur over a certain period of days.  You can begin leaving your trimmings at your curbside today and we will provide the pickup dates as soon as we confirm the details.  We are also contacting the HOAs to let them know this will be happening.

To prepare for curbside pickup:

  • Make sure your tree limbs and branches are cut so they can be picked up and placed inside a truck;
  • Place the tree limbs and branches in organized piles alongside your curb; no need to tie them in bundles; and
  • Do not include other types of debris, trash, or bags of leaves;

As a reminder, TDS will continue to pick up bundles with the regular trash services. Please know the bundles must meet their requirements:

  • Each bundle (cut & tied) must be less than 35 pounds
  • Maximum length of 4 feet
  • Up to 4 inch diameter sticks
  • Maximum of 6 bundles (cut & tied)
  • Bundles (cut & tied) must be stacked next to the trash can

For questions, please contact Customer Service at 512-255-7871 or email us at customerservice@bcmud.org.

Let’s keep Brushy Creek beautiful!


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