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2/6/2023 - Parks, Pools, & Greenbelts - Openings & Closures **Posted on 2/6/23** **Updated 3/2/23**

The following list are openings and closures of District Parks, Pools, and Greenbelts

 **UPDATED ON 3/7 at 11:50 pm 

Cat Hollow Park & Pool- Open (pool closed)

Pepper Rock Park- Open 

Highland Horizon Park & Pool- Open

Sendero Springs Park & Pool- Open (pool closed)

Racine Woods Park- Closed 

Community Park- Open 

Community Park Greenbelt- Open 

Disc Golf Course- Closed 

Liberty Walk Greenbelt- Open

Little Village Park- Closed 

Creekside Park & Pool- Open (pool Closed) 

Shirley McDonald Park- Closed 

Wildcat Trail- Closed 

North Park- Open

Sendero Springs Greenbelt- Closed 

Sendero Valley Park- Open

Southern Cross Trail- Open

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