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3/1/2024 - SPOTLIGHT: BCMUD wins award for best Parks and Rec management


The Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District has won the 2024 Texas Recreation and Park Society, or TRAPS, Gold Medal for excellence in recreation and park management.

The District received the gold medal on March 1, taking the top honor in the Class V division, which encompasses Texas municipal entities with a population of 30,000 or less.

“This year's Gold Medal recipients exemplify the highest standards of excellence in the field of park and recreation management,” said TRAPS Executive Director Erin Franz. “Their dedication to long-term planning, financial responsibility, and innovative approaches has not only transformed their agencies but has also greatly enhanced the quality of life for the communities they serve. These agencies serve as inspirations for others, setting benchmarks for excellence that contribute to the overall well-being of Texas residents.

More specifically, the 2024 TRAPS Gold Medal honors improvements and innovations made within a parks and recreation department in the last three years.

Since 2021, BCMUD Parks and Recreation Department accomplishments include a thorough improvement of parks infrastructure Districtwide, the addition of innovative new programming such as adult sports leagues and camps, and a pool renovation and playscape replacement at Cat Hollow Park.

BCMUD Parks and Recreation Manager Angela Niemiec said district staff have always made it their mission to provide residents with access to exceptional parks, attractions, programs, and recreational opportunities.

She added that department staff members have been aided by a robust capital improvement plan that significantly elevates district facilities and green spaces and prioritizes wise capital investments in new equipment, professional development, infrastructure repairs, and ramped-up marketing strategies. 

“Our team is always dedicated to improving the quality of life for BCMUD residents and members by providing exceptional programs that consider industry trends, community needs, and overall wellness,” Niemiec said. “This award is a fitting highlight of their hard work and the effort they put into everything they do.”

Niemiec said winning this award would not have been possible without the BCMUD Board of Directors and District leadership, who have always made funding of Parks and Recreation projects a top priority. She said she is grateful that they enable her and her staff to maintain and add to BCMUD amenities and programs. 

"At Brushy Creek MUD, we believe in the power of community engagement and the positive impact that well-maintained parks and recreational spaces can have on the quality of life for our residents,” said BCMUD Board President Michael Tucker. “This TRAPS Gold Medal is a validation of our ongoing efforts to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that fosters health, wellness, and community connection. The Board of Directors wants to express our gratitude to our dedicated team at Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District, whose hard work and passion have played a pivotal role in achieving this prestigious award. Additionally, we would like to thank the Texas Recreation and Park Society for recognizing our commitment to excellence in recreation and park management."

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