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11/14/2019 - Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

The following items plus other District business will be discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting on November 14, 2019. For more information view our Public Meeting Web Portal.

Approve Revised District Surplus Property Disposition Procedures
Approve Certa Pro agreement related to painting Highland Horizon Pool Building
Approve agreements related to PH 1 of Community Center Garden renovation project related to tree trimming, landscape maintenance and painting structures
Approve purchase of 2019 F15 and F350 trucks for Utilities Department 
Approve continued participation in TCDRS 
Approve Virtual Learning Concepts as accepted site for PFIA Training
Approve 2020 District Holiday and Pay Date Schedule
Discuss bids for Cat Hollow Park & Pool Restroom Renovation and Signage Replacement projects
Discuss Holiday in the Park
Discuss sale of Holiday t-shirts
Discuss April to September 2020 catalog offerings
Discuss Community Center weight room matters
Discuss project concept for Community Center parking lot turnaround 
Discuss work plan for replacement of gym divider curtain
Discuss swim team rental contracts
Discuss WilCo Road Improvement projects
Discuss agreement relating to ERCOT electricity curtailment 
Discuss cell tower leases
Discuss resident survey
Discuss payment of monthly operation expenses
Discuss status of construction of Townhomes at Great Oaks/O’Connor



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