Water Quality & System Information : Household Water Usage Calculation Page

Household Water Usage Calculation Page

Enter your daily approximate numbers below:

 Water Use Table --- Inside Home

  Daily    Weekly   Avg Gals Used  Weekly Gallons Used  
Bathroom Faucet  mins  mins    2 gallons/min
Shower mins  mins    5 gallons/min
Bathtub  filled  filled  50 gallons/tub
Toilet  flushes  flushes    3 gallons/flush
Kitchen Faucet  mins  mins    3 gallons/min
Dishwasher loads  loads  11 gallons/load
Full loads of laundry  loads  loads  40 gallons/load
Estimated Weekly Gallons of water used INSIDE:   


 Water Use Table --- Outside Home

  Daily    Weekly    Avg Gals Used  Weekly Gallons Used  
   # of Stations
  # of times per week
  # of minutes per run*
  mins   15 gallons/min**
Car Washing   mins  mins    5 gallons/min
Watering plants    mins  mins    5 gallons/min
Miscellaneous (pools, etc.)   mins  mins    5 gallons/min
Estimated Weekly Gallons of water used OUTSIDE:   
 * Zone minutes may vary. Enter highest zone run-time. 
 ** Gallons per minute vary depending on the type of zone (bubbler, pop up spray, rotor, or drip), manufacturer, static pressure of the system, number of sprays or length of drip tubing and size of valve and piping.

Irrigation Use & Calculation Information 



 Percentage of Household Water Usage - Weekly


Gallons Used

Weekly Percent
of Usage

Brushy Creek

Average 17
Texas Cities

Inside Home Usage      % 1,447.6 gallons (47%) 1,344 gallons (64%)
Outside Home Usage      % 1,652.0 gallons (53%)    756 gallons (36%)
Total Inside + Outside Usage
 * 2010-2011 data from the Texas Water Development Board - The Grass Is Always Greener...Outdoor Residential Water Use In Texas.       

Helpful ways to SAVE WATER 

      NOTE:  All calculations are based on average flow rates.  Your actual usage may
      vary depending on the actual flow rate of your faucets, toilets, irrigation, etc.