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Brushy Creek Swim Lesson Policies 

Pool Closures

Weather Closures: It is District policy to close pools for half an hour after lightning is seen or thunder is heard. Other weather-related closures are at the discretion of the Aquatics Specialist and Head Swim Instructor.

In case of extreme weather or an anticipated temperature below 50 degrees, class will be canceled. The decision of whether or not to have class will be made as soon as possible and every effort will be made to email and call participants if canceled. When in doubt please contact the pool where your lessons are being held or customer service to confirm if the pool is open or closed.

Other Pool Closures: In case of other pool closures such as mechanical problems, we will try to reach you at the primary phone number and email on your account as soon as possible.

Flotation Devices

Please leave your flotation devices at home when you come to swim lessons. Our instructors can best show you or your child how to swim without the impaired range of motion created by life jackets, "floaties," or other swim accessories.

Swim Lesson Photos

While we encourage you to take pictures of your child's swim lessons, we ask that you do not distract your child or other children from the lesson to do so.  At your request, your instructor can set aside some extra time on the last day of class for you to take pictures of your child demonstrating the skills that he or she has learned.

We do take pictures and video leading up to the last class of the session.  We will send you a link to those pictures for you to view and share following each session.  We may use them for promotional purposes in our catalog, weekly email, website, Newsletter and brochures.   

Restroom Breaks

We ask that all parents stay in the observation area for the entire lesson in case your child needs to use the restroom.