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Household Recycling

Recycling Service Provider

Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) provides single stream recycling service for the residents of Brushy Creek.  If you are not currently recycling, please complete a Solid Waste/Recycling Request form to request a recycling cart. 

Recycling Service Fee 

Current Pricing (no change)

  • Standard Service includes both one (1) 96-gallon garbage cart and one (1) 96-gallon recycle cart.  Mandatory cost will be $21 per month for all Residents.   
  • Each additional garbage or recycling cart will be $5 per month.
  • Please use the Solid Waste/Recycle Request Form to request a change to your solid waste service.

Recycling Collection Days

Recycling is picked up every other week on your regular garbage collection day. Please have your cart to the curb by 7am on your pickup day. 

                       Every other Wednesday                    
(List of pickup dates & Map)
                  Every other Thursday                
(List of pickup dates & Map)
  Brushy Creek South
Cat Hollow
Highland Horizon
Highlands of BC
Hillside at BC
Hunter Brook
Liberty Village          
Neenah Oaks
Meadows of BC
Villages of BC
Woods of Brushy Creek
Woods VI
Woods VII (Courtyard) 
        Brushy Creek North
Sendero Springs


Recyclable Items


Note: Items must be rinsed out, loose and not bagged.
Clean plastic containers with symbols
Clean Glass Bottles & Jars
Clean Cereal & Shoe Boxes 
Clean Aluminum, Steel, & Tin Cans
Clean Milk or Creamer Cartons with shiny lining
Clean Juice Boxes with shiny lining
Clean Egg White Cartons
Cardboard Boxes (must be broken down and bundled)
Inner Rolls from Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
Clean Balled Aluminum Foil
Colored Paper Fliers, Magazines, and Newspapers 
White & Colored Office Paper
Gable-top and Aseptic Containers
Plastics #1-5, 7



Plastic Utensils
Pizza Boxes
Rechargeable Batteries
Plastic Grocery Bags
Plastic Bags                    
Styrofoam #6
Paper Plates
Wet Paper          
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Facial Tissue
Plastic Bags
Shredded Paper

Brushy Creek Residents Recycling Statistics

According to the Round Rock Refuse, in 2019, Brushy Creek Residents have Recycled the following tonnage:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
131.00 90.68  93.85  76.13 98.11  84.83  77.29   86.04 85.72   98.90 94.03   81.75

  • Over 1,186 tons were recycled by Brushy Creek residents in 2018!

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